SHOWS Information

The society holds several shows each year where the member’s orchids are on display for the enjoyment of the public

  1. There is usually a one-day show in March to display the late summer flowering orchids. 
  2. The Mother’s Day show is held just before Mother’s Day in May. 
  3. The annual show at the beginning of August is the highlight of the orchid growing year. At this show there are potting demonstrations, plant sales and sales of all orchid growing supplies. The 8 other orchid societies in the Sunshine Coast area are invited to show their plants as well. As well as competing for prizes, it is a social get together where many lasting friendships have been made.

When we have our one-day, Mothers’ Day and Annual show the majority of our member put in their best flowering plants for the public to see and they enjoy putting in the effort to present their plants in the best possible light.

We would like to invite the general public to attend our shows and appreciate  our local orchid growers pride and joy 

 Please go to our Local Events page for further details of our shows

Getting Ready for Shows

Before we show any of our plants to the general public, there is quite a workload that goes on behind the scenes. Firstly, the cleaning of dirty pots, wiping off stains on leaves, make sure plants look in top condition, no dry sheaths or bulbs with discoloration or dirty marks, no plants loose in pots, no chewed or black marks on flowers and no pests. All this work is so that the plant is presented in best possible condition. If any of the above on shown plants is put on show bench very unlikely to receive a ribbon of any colour.