Orchid Information

Species Orchids 

Some of our members specialise in species orchids which come from many parts of the world. This includes Australian natives. At our monthly meetings there is always strong competition amongst the members in the species section. One of the problems, though, is the difficulty in the pronunciation of the names of the species. Nothing like a bit of banter to keep member on their toes. Australian natives are very popular with our growers with plenty of them to choose from like Denbrobium, Sarcochilus, Cymbidium, Spiranthes, Phalaeopsis, Calanthes, Corybas and Pterostylis .

Species plant means that it is found in the wild, from forests, dry areas of the world and including grass lands or open savannah places, some even growing close to water or streams, fog areas that are windy and cool from all parts of the world.

Primary hybrids are the result of crossing or hybridising two species.

Hybrids are the result of crossing or hybridising two orchids. They could be species or hybrids. The purpose of hybridising is to improve the plant, flower or a special attribute. Some hybridisers seek to improve a colour eg. re large flower, showy flowers or spectacular flowers.